Abigail Edem

Institution: Central University of Technology (CUT)

Unit & Faculty: Curriculum & Staff Development, Centre for Innovation in Learning & Teaching

Research field: Integration of Sustainability into Engineering Curricula in Southern African Universities: A System Analysis Approach

Supervisors: Associate Professor Dillip Das, Department of Civil Engineering, CUT (main supervisor); Professor Mike Mhlolo, School of Postgraduate Studies, CUT (co-supervisor); Dr Wendy Setlalentoa, Mathematics Science and Technology Education, CUT (co-supervisor)



Abigail hails from Kwara State, Nigeria. She completed her undergraduate BEd Chemistry degree and her honours studies at Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria, and her MSc in Curriculum Studies at the University of the Free State. Over her master’s studies, she developed a fuller understanding of the complex nature of sustainable development and the need for integrating sustainable development into all the modules in higher education. For her PhD at CUT, she will investigate the integration of sustainability into engineering curricula at Southern African universities. The study will look at how inter-relatedness of the holistic environment (social, political, economic and biophysical) can be integrated into engineering education so that it can be a catalyst for a sustainable, innovative and transformed society. Abigail has attended several training national and international workshops and conferences, and has written several articles on this issue. She enjoys traveling, shopping and watching comedy movies.