Aurelia van Eeden

Institution: University of Cape Town (UCT)

Unit & faculty: African Climate and Development Initiative (ACDI), Faculty of Science

Research field: Public-private partnerships & water governance

Supervisors: Associate Prof Gina Ziervogel, UCT (main supervisor); Dr Lyla Mehta, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (co-supervisor)



Aurelia completed her BSc and BSc (Hons) at the University of Pretoria. She then worked as an environmental manager and management consultant, subsequently completing her MSc in International Environmental Studies at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Her thesis contributed directly to the work of a multi-country research consortium, and was incorporated into a book. For her PhD, Aurelia will draw on her strengths and experience working within the private sector. She will investigate the role of partnerships between the government and the business sector in contributing to water security in urban systems. Aurelia was named as Mail & Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans 2014, and was nominated for the Future Industry Leader, and the Woman in Water and Energy awards (2015/2016) by the African Utility community. She is mom to a two-month-old baby girl, Sofia, while advising the City of Cape Town and the private sector on Cape Town’s water crisis.