Dennis Choruma

Institute: Rhodes University

Unit: Institute for Water Research, Faculty of Science

Research field: Water resources science

Supervisors: Dr Nelson Odume, Rhodes University; Dr Stephan Pietsch, IIASA; Juraj Balkovich, IIASA



Dennis graduated from the University of Zimbabwe with a bachelor’s degree in applied environmental science in 2008 and a master’s degree in environmental policy and planning in 2014. Dennis has also received certificates in Water Resources Management and Policy from the University of Geneva (2016) and Sustainable Agricultural Management from the University of Florida (2017). For his PhD, Dennis is looking at how crop and forest management practices, together with climate change, affect future crop and forest yields and water resources. The study uses an integrated modelling approach using the Environmental Policy Integrated (EPIC) model (crop growth and management) and the Biogeochemistry Management BGC-MAN model (forest growth and management), both currently used at the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). The study will contribute to ongoing efforts to sustainably ensure food and water security for a growing population under a changing climate. Dennis enjoys travelling, meeting new people, learning about new cultures and playing soccer.