Keegan Steyn

Institution: University of Cape Town (UCT)

Unit & faculty: Department of Information Systems, Faculty of Commerce

Research field: Social implications of multinational unicorn start-ups in emerging economies

Supervisor: Professor Ojelanki Ngwenyama, UCT



Keegan holds a BA in psychology and sociology and an honours in organisational psychology from the University of the Western Cape, during which studies he was first inducted into the Golden Key Society. In 2011, Keegan received a scholarship to complete his PGDip in Management of Information Systems, receiving the class medal as the programme’s top student. In 2013, he received a master’s scholarship from UCT and the Department of Trade and Industry for research into organising practices and project management. He recently completed an MPhil in inclusive innovation from UCT’s Graduate School of Business, for a thesis on unlocking the barriers to innovation in organisations. For his PhD, Keegan will focus on the social implications of the ‘sharing economy’ for an emerging market like South Africa. He hopes to explore the consequences of these ‘sharing economies’ – which provide open platforms that connect millions of people marketing their own services – as they tap into traditionally underused assets.