Lee Mudenda

Institution: University of Cape Town (UCT)

Unit & Faculty: Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment

Research field: Water and Ecology

Supervisors: Prof Sue Harrison, UCT (main supervisor); Dr Stephen Syampungani, Copperbelt University, Zambia (co-supervisor); Dr Chris Bryan, University of Exeter (co-supervisor)



Lee comes from Kitwe, Zambia. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering from the Copperbelt University; and a master’s in sustainable mineral resource development from UCT. During his master’s studies, he developed a fuller understanding on the impact of abandoned mine wastelands on the environment. Lee has extended his previous work into his PhD research at UCT; his work into look into the analysis, bio-monitoring and rehabilitation of mine wastelands, and to support the interpretation and monitoring of the ecosystems on the Copperbelt province of Zambia. The study aims to develop a more holistic understanding of the risks of varying age categories of tailings facilities or wastelands, and its implications on livelihoods and as well as community perceptions about water quality and pollution. Lee is an active member of the engineering institute of Zambia and Future Water Institute. He enjoys watching football and movies.