Miné de Klerk

Institution: Stellenbosch University

Unit & Faculty: Centre for Higher and Adult Education, Curriculum Studies, Faculty of Education

Research field: Higher Education (Innovation in HE; Educational Technologies)

Supervisors: Prof Peter N. Rule (Curriculum Studies, Stellenbosch University)



Miné is a South African PhD candidate currently residing in Stellenbosch, the university town where she is also conducting her research. She completed her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees (in the arts & social sciences) at Stellenbosch University (SU) and the University of Cape Town (UCT), respectively. After building a successful career in the local media industry, she completed her Master’s in Business Administration at the UCT Graduate School of Business in 2014. During her master’s studies she investigated the emerging applications of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) to enhance adult education in Sub-Saharan Africa. Building on her professional experience in the e-learning industry, she was then employed by SU to advise on their online learning strategies and to contribute the Centre for Learning Technologies’ research projects. For her PhD at SU, she will focus on the adoption of online learning strategies to enhance dialogic learning and critical thinking. Through a complex systems analysis she intends on investigating the pedagogical, technological, organisational and broader, societal dimensions associated with a rapidly changing higher education landscape. Miné is passionate about exploring future-focused education strategies that are responsive to unique, local contexts and is interested in developing accessible educational opportunities for lifelong learners. Other, general interests include her love of visual and performance arts, outdoor sports, reading (all genres) and travelling to new destinations.