SASAC Programs

Three-year Systems Analysis Bursary Program

The intervention will ensure that an adequate number of students in the South African higher education system are fully incorporated into the program. Students will be required to have a supervisor from South Africa who is recognised as an expert in systems analysis methodology, and ideally a co-supervisor associated with IIASA or an IIASA alumnus. The 10 students that have been selected for support during the 2015 call are listed below:

Two-month Systems Analysis Capacity Development Program

PhD students will be identified to take part in a two-month capacity development program to be held during May and June at the host institution(s). The PhD research should be supported by systems analysis-related research methodology, and focused to address the DST Grand Challenges. This group of students will include those who have received bursaries (as described above), but also includes students from NMO member countries and from Africa. Supervisors (from South Africa and IIASA) will be expected to spend up to 10 days at the beginning of this period on-site with the students, and together participate in an intensive, high level systems analysis capacity development intervention. Read More

High level Capacity Strengthening Program

A three-week capacity strengthening program will be held at the host institution(s). This program will target supervisors, early career academics and postdoctoral fellows from South Africa, Southern Africa and other NMO countries. A target of 30 participants per annum is anticipated. The program will include high level lectures and capacity development workshops related to systems analysis capacity.

In addition, scientific seminars will be offered covering themes in both the social and natural sciences, often with policy dimensions, to broaden the participants’ perspectives and strengthen their analytical and modelling skills. Keynote lectures are delivered by national and international leaders in their respective research fields, partly drawn from IIASA’s widespread network of alumni and collaborators, as well as from the NRF’s extensive international networks of excellence. The programme will be enhanced with specific field trips, cultural excursions, and may involve networking with national research programmes.

Early Postgraduate Education Program

Four to five South African institutions where there is currently systems analysis capacity will be identified to incorporate a systems analysis component or module into selected Honour’s-level programs.