Tafadzwa Mambiravana

Institution: University of Fort Hare (UFH)

Unit & faculty: Department of Sociology & Anthropology, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Research field: Risk and vulnerability

Supervisor: Professor Ikechukwu Umejesi, UFH



Tafadzwa hails from Mashonaland West, Zimbabwe. He completed his undergraduate Bachelor of Social Science, Honours (Sociology) and, in 2017, his MSc in Social Science (Sociology) at UFH. Over his master’s studies, he developed a fuller understanding of the complex situations induced among the middle class by the crashing of currencies, with a specific reference to Zimbabwe. For his PhD at the Fort Hare, he will explore various stakeholders’ perceptions of risk and vulnerability associated with the N2 toll road project along South Africa’s Wild Coast. The study will contribute to the body of knowledge on the provision of public goods and social resistance, and communities' perceptions of risk and vulnerability.  It is hoped that the study will explore the narratives of stakeholders involved in public goods provision and development of the Wild Coast. The study will look at the differences in the understanding of development between the study communities and government.