Tineyi Pindura

Institution: University of Fort Hare (UFH)

Unit & faculty: Risk and Vulnerability Science Centre (RVSC), Faculty of Science and Agriculture

Research field: Environmental science

Supervisors: Dr Leocadia Zhou, RVSC, UFH; Prof Werner Nel, Department of Geography, University of Fort Hare



Tineyi is from the city of Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. He completed his BSc in Computer science and Geography, his honours studies, and his MSc in climate change and environmental issues (2016) at the UFH. Over his master’s studies, he developed a water vulnerability index to monitor water levels at different dams in the Amathole District Municipality in the Eastern Cape. For his PhD, he is looking at communicating seasonal forecasting information to the small-scale farming systems in the Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality, also in the Eastern Cape. The study is crucial to the development of a communication framework that will, over many years, underpin a forecast communication system that involves the active participation of the farmers themselves and, in so doing, build the salience, credibility and legitimacy of the forecasts. The study will also provide relevant information on the use of the seasonal forecast, and enable policymakers to improve their intervention strategies. In his free time, Tineyi enjoys farming.